Apparently, Winter is Coming

Here’s a funny thing that happened. In Beer Sheva, the days are hot and the nights are cool. People wear long jeans and t-shirts mostly, except for Arabs and Bedouins who generally dress in long everything even in the height of summer. As of October 30th, it still reaches 80 degrees at noon everyday, the sun beating down.  But last week, it rained one night. It was about 15 minutes of heavy rain. The next day, everyone I saw on the streets was clad in sweaters and boots, as if overnight, winter had begun. I guess all they needed was one night of rain to break out their winter wardrobe. There I was, at 2PM, in my jeans, short sleeves, and sandals, standing at the crosswalk next to a woman in a *pea coat*. I was sweating. It was 78 degrees outside. But I guess if rain=winter, this woman would not be held back by sunshine and warm weather. To be fair to the pea coat woman, it does cool down enough at night for a light jacket or sweater-scarf combo. And while I do miss the fall weather of Chicago, layering long sleeved T’s under cozy sweaters, and breaking out leather boots, I am pretty happy waking up to sunshine everyday and carrying a cardigan with me to work, just in case it drops below 70. Now that I’ve bragged about how awesome the weather is, I will come forward and admit that I think fall has actually arrived in this desert city, as it literally rained all weekend, and now it is freezing in the morning when I get out of the shower. Stay tuned for more thrilling weather updates. Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here is an Israeli Shoe of the Day:

These, my friends, are platform hiking boots spotted on a Friday afternoon.

These, my friends, are platform hiking boots spotted on a Friday afternoon.


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