Beware…..political rant ahead.

Most of the time, I don’t do politics. I read the news, I try to stay informed, and I am passionate about certain issues, but I don’t generally partake in posting or commenting on political facebook posts, tweets, etc. Recently, though, I’ve been getting noticeably more upset about the harsh things I’ve seen people write regarding Israel, and I felt like this could be a good safe place to share my feelings. I don’t mean to offend or sway opinions, just want to express my own.

The other day I was looking through Twitter to find interesting articles about Israel and the Negev to retweet or promote for the organization I work for. I came across a person I don’t know named Tali (whose last name I can’t decide if I want to divulge, but let’s say it was an incredibly popular Jewish last name), who was vehemently anti-Israel, pro-palestine, tweeting to celebrities to promote BDS. Here’s her bio:

“Anarchist in Palestine: Ask me about Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) of Israel RT: BoycottIsrael feminist queer vegan PrisonAbolition bisexual”

Okay, so here’s what I have to say to Tali: It is clear to me that you are Jewish based on your name, though I don’t know where your religious beliefs lie. I do, however, know how you feel about Israel, your sexual orientation, and that you don’t eat animal products. Fine.

Dear Miss Anarchist living in Palestine,

I understand that Israel is often at fault, and that sometimes, as happens in war, innocent civilians are hurt or killed. I also understand that there are Jewish fanatics who give the Jews a bad name, these Settlers who are violent and have outbursts against innocent or not-innocent Palestinians. But here’s what else: your beloved BDS movement is becoming increasingly synonymous with anti-Semitism, and after all your hard work to spread your anti-Israel gospel across the twittersphere, your Palestinian cousins would hold you at fault for their persecution the same way they’d fault me. The State of Israel does not represent all Jews, but it does pledge to protect all Jews. That means, after you’ve successfully convinced all your friends and all your celebrity twitter followers to quit supporting Israel, to take down the State that has given so much to Your People, you will have nowhere to go.

Maybe I just don’t get it, but the rampant acts of violence and vandalism across Europe and on American college campuses is pretty horrifying and actually heart-breaking. The Tali’s of the world promoting BDS to distance themselves from the political Right, or to spite their parents or their Jewish upbringing, or to be ironic, or whatever the reason may be, are naive about what their words can do. I feel totally helpless, especially from so far away where we’ve got our own horrifying things happening. And I feel like the least we can do, as a People, is to not dig our own graves.


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