Business Casual

This is a stupid problem, but still.  Also, disclaimer – this is not meant to sound so self-deprecating.

My office is made up of about 45 Israeli young adults, many of whom are super gorgeous women who always look like they’re going out for drinks with Bar Rafaeli or walking out of an H&M catalogue. Basically there is no dress code, so everyone wears whatever they want – heels and blazers, ripped jeans and oversized sweaters, jeggings and silky tops – literally anything.

Each day I try to look cute, as any young professional does in a new work environment, but I am having a hard time knowing what to wear when. Days that I show up in jeans and a cardigan, everyone seems to be in adorable dresses and booties. And when I wear leather boots and dangly necklaces and a “going out” top (basically what I would wear to dress up for a happy hour in Chicago), I swear everyone is wearing like baggy boyfriend jeans and long-sleeve graphic tees. It’s as though I miss a memo nearly every day.

The other day during our office-wide quarterly meeting, I looked around at all the patterns, blazers, and heels, and decided I gotta up my game. I know what you are thinking – this is the exact opposite of any typical Israeli office culture – right?? Aren’t Israelis super casual and prone to ill-fitting clothing with awkward English words and holes in strange places? I thought so too. Until I entered the actual Israeli workforce and discovered that the super casual rule actually only applies to men – all of whom show up in their uniform of jeans and a t-shirt (maybe a polo) each day.

I think the moral of this story is that I work with some beautiful Israeli women who are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and though I don’t feel intimidated necessarily, I am working to find my niche. For now, I’m focusing on pulling out my winter wardrobe and hoping my abundance of JCrew cardigans will do the trick 😉

Working in Plaid

Working in Plaid


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