Reflections for the New Year

This past year has been a year of huge change in my life, so I thought I’d take this space to reflect. Thinking about where I was a year ago today, versus where I am now, and what got me here.

Last year on New Year’s Eve, I got ready to go out and sent selfies of different outfits to my then-fiance in Israel. I put on my sparkly top and I took the bus to Edgewater to ring in the new year with a coworker friend, her husband, and about 20 of their closest friends, none of whom I knew. The apartment was decorated, drinks were brewing, and eats were in the oven. It was a great party and everyone I met that night was awesome. But it was hard to be away from the only person in the world I wanted to kiss at midnight.

That night was one of many nights spent receiving whatsapps, doing calculations in my head about what time it was in Israel, and snapping pictures to try to share the experience together. But it was never the same – long distance is always hard, but overseas can be truly painful sometimes. When you are worlds away, it’s really challenging to share a moment together.

And now, I am sitting on my couch in Beer Sheva, and feel so lucky to have started this new chapter of my life. With all of the things that 2014 brought – planning a wedding, leaving my job and friends and family, moving out of my apartment in Chicago and then out of my parent’s home, making Aliyah and becoming an Israeli citizen, getting married, job hunting in Israel and joining the Israeli workforce – being married to my hubs has been a wonderful blessing. All my life I was a single girl hoping to meet The One at a bar or in an elevator, or on an airplane, or at a Shabbat dinner, and for so, so long, that didn’t happen. And then it did, and I feel so lucky that I found my One.

Anyway, enough gushy stuff. I just am happy, and hope that this next year will be a year of happiness and health, and wonder, and PEACE. Please, please, let there be peace – not like, some kind of dreamy idealistic peace, but real peace that comes from real people. Enough violence, enough yelling, enough killing, enough enough enough. Let’s all wish for a year of peace, and maybe it’ll come true.

With that, Happy New Year!


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