In the beginning…

Unedited as of December 2013:

I am starting this blog as a means of dealing with my own feelings about Israel. I am a zionist who understands and grapples with the consequences of Zionism. But when push comes to shove, as does literally happen quite often, I love Israel – I am not afraid to admit it – and this summer, I will be moving across the world to live there. There is obviously some part of me that feels the need to explain my move in something larger and more permanent than a Facebook status update, or an email to close family and friends, or a series of tweets. Ostensibly, I’m moving to be with my Israeli fiance, but there is so much more than that.

This blog might turn into Reasons I Love Israel, or maybe Things I Hate about Israel, or Why Living in Israel is Shitty But I am Still Happy (or Unhappy). What this blog becomes is not something I can foretell, but I will say now that it is meant to explain my relationship Israel – the good and the bad. I am an outsider looking in on a very complicated, complex, and sometimes wonderful place. And I am biased. As a Jewish person with personal ties to Israel, I cannot claim that I will write from any other perspective. But my intentions are not political, and my blog posts should be understood as my opinions, not fact (except where noted). As an American girl moving to Israel, I am embarking on what is sure to be a challenging, eye-opening journey.

The title of this blog, Not Yet Israeli, is meant ironically, as I will never really be Israeli. I will gain Israeli citizenship, but I will not lose my American identity, nor my American accent. I am hoping, through this blog, to explain the many motives behind my big move, and to explore what it means to establish a connection to the land and the people of Israel.


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